Frisco Fastpacs 2021-2022 Sign Up

Frisco Fastpacs is a local non-profit organization that offers meal assistance to currently enrolled FISD students, through our weekend meal pack program. These meal packs will contain breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the entire weekend. Please use this online form to sign up your child/children individually. Your child’s school counselor will be notified of the enrollment and will discreetly give them a pack each Friday at their home campus.

**PLEASE NOTE: If one or more of your children are Virtual for the first 9 weeks (EC-6th), you will need to pick up their meal pack from their regular home campus on Friday during school hours. Please select their regular home campus from the drop down menu below. Frisco Fastpacs will not have a drive through option this semester.**

You only need to fill out the form one time for the entire school year and will receive a confirmation email immediately after signing up. By submitting this form, you are freely and willingly giving consent for your child to participate in this program and to be contacted via email or text message about program updates.

We hope that our program will be a blessing to your family.  For more information or if you have more than 5 children to sign up, please fill out the form and contact Kim McGuire, Operations Manager for Frisco Fastpacs, at

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